We are just three days away from the start of a new school year, and while that makes us sad, it also makes us happy, because our new masthead is kick-ass and we’re about to rock you hurricane-style with our plans for the future. One of the things getting revamped is our blog, which we hope to use as a platform to connect with you, lovely readers, writers, and contributors.

What you can expect to find:

  • Interviews with writers you’ve heard about and writers you might be hearing about for the first time but will certainly hear more about in the future.
  • Updates on our brilliant masthead and the books on their bedside tables.
  • Book news. LOLcats News. Weather News. News about My Lunch.
  • Poetry and prose from our slush pile that’s too good to go unshared.
  • Dispatches from behind the frontlines of the NYC/NYU literary scene. (In other words, what I saw when I spent all night in the corner closest to the wine table.)

There will be guest bloggers, there will be book reviews, and there will be whatever else you want to see here. If you have any suggestions for content, email me at: onsqublog@gmail.com.

My name is Julie Buntin. I’m a second-year MFA candidate in fiction at NYU, and I’ll be posting here regularly.