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Washington Square Review is hosting its first ever Blogtest (that’s Blog + Contest): The Perfect Sentence!

Perfect sentences can come to us as prose or verse and can be any length–the only hard and fast rule is that each entry must be no more than one sentence. Send submissions to OnSquAwards@gmail.com between Thursday, November 17th and Friday, December 2nd. Five finalists will be announced and posted right here on our blog the week of December 5th, where you and all your friends and everybody else in the world can read them and vote for the best, most perfect sentence. And, if you think you’ll need a little inspiration, check back here for some of our MFAers’ all time favorite sentences!

Winner of the Blogtest will receive free entry into this year’s Washington Square Writing Contest (and a chance to win $500), as well as a subscription to the journal. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 12th along with the judges for this year’s poetry, fiction, and flash fiction contests.

So start composing those sentences and make your friends to do the same!